Appearances and Portrayal
First appearance "Dissin' Cousins"
Last appearance "Dissin' Cousins"
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Portrayed by Angell S.Conwell

A cousin of Raven Baxter (though it's unknown if she's from Victor or Tanya's side of the family), it's said that she's moved around a lot and that she lives mostly in Europe. At first, Raven's jealous of Andrea because of her seemingly perfect life and how she lives in Europe and gets to travel to all kinds of exotic places, but it later turns out that Andrea's actually jealous of Raven, which Raven's surprised by.

Andrea explains that her life's not as perfect as she likes to make people think it is and elaborates:

  • Even though she has the chance to live in Europe and travel to all sorts of other exotic places, she doesn't like having to move around so much.
  • Because of having to move around so much, Andrea wasn't able to have a truly "normal" childhood and has never really had an actual consistent group of friends like Raven does.
  • Ultimately, Andrea's always been secretly envious of the fact that Raven's been able to have a much more "normal" life, which includes having friends who will ultimately stick by her no matter what.

Though she and Eddie don't become a couple, they do end up kissing.

Andrea's only appearance was in Dissin' Cousins.


  • It's unknown if Andrea knows about Raven's psychic abilities--if she's from Victor's side family, then she probably doesn't. But if she's from Tanya's side of the family (specifically being related through Tanya's mother, Vivian), then its possible that she knows, but simply chooses not to say anything.
  • Andrea's turned Eddie down in four different languages.
  • Andrea's dad (Raven's uncle) is in the military (specifically the Army), which is probably at least part of the reason why Andrea and her family moved around so much (as military families tend to move around a lot).
  • Andrea and her family have lived in at least three different European cities: aside from Paris (which is in France), they've also lived in Rome (which is in Italy) and London (which is in England).
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