Ben Sturky
Appearances and Portrayal
First appearance Smell of Victory
Last appearance Campaign in the Neck
No. of episodes 3
Portrayed by Joshua Harto

Ben Sturky, also known as Stinky Sturky, was a student at Bayside High School known for his foul odour.

Season 1

In Smell of Victory, Raven was forced to work with Ben for the science project by Ms. DePaulo, and tried to cleanse him at every chance she got. She eventually realized that Ben’s hygiene was something that he had to deal with, and that she should’ve been honest with him about it in the first place instead of attempting to change him the way she did.

Later, Raven agreed to go with Ben to the dance before accepting an invitation from Gabriel. Raven tried to go back and forth between them; in the end, she decided to be honest with Ben and tell him the truth.

Raven later helped Chelsea campaign against Ben for school president. In the end, Ben won the election.


Season 1

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