Appearances and Portrayal
First appearance Party Animal
Last appearance Party Animal
No. of episodes 1
Portrayed by Deven Calhoun

Billy was a classmate of Cory Baxter's.

Season 1

Cory was intimidated by Billy's extravagant birthday party and decided not to throw a big party. Raven, after having a vison that Cory would say that he hated her, decided to throw Cory the world's best birthday party in retaliation. Billy and his friend Jaime came to see for themselves.

After Tanya and Victor got sick from food poisoning, the trip to the zoo was cancelled and Billy tried to get everyone to go to his house. The kids stayed after hearing that Reptile Rick was coming.

Billy continued to ridicule the party, escpecially when Rick was out of commission and Raven had to take his place. Eventually, Billy admitted that the party was awsome after watching Rick's pig give birth.


Season 1

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