• Leannholsclaw

    The Were Cows

    Raven and Chelsea are turning into cows on Halloween Night

    They uncontrollably behave like cows Cow Raven and Cow Chelsea

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  • Fair Snow-White

    What episode(s) did Raven try to see into the future at will???

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  • Trucker55

    That's So Raven and Ravens Home are amazing shows, aren't they! Best Disney Shows EVER!

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  • Witnessme

    That's So Raven Spinoff

    November 10, 2016 by Witnessme

    On November 7th, Raven-Symone posted this picture on Instagram:

    It's been confirmed that there will be a That's So Raven Spinoff! The new American sitcom television series will be broadcast on the Disney Channel. The plot follows the two pre-teen children, Nia and Booker, of divorced mom Raven Baxter (original star Raven-Symoné, who is also producing the new series). One of the kiddos has inherited Raven's ability to see glimpses of the future.

    Are you guys excited about the new show? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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  • JL the superhuman

    Guile Daniels

    August 31, 2016 by JL the superhuman

    Guile Daniels is the brother of Chelsea Daniels.

    Guile is the brother of Chelsea who was raised by his sister as his and Chelsea's mon and dad were working so much they never have time for Guile. He is currently in the hospital with a very bad illness which makes Chelsea worry about him and hopes he doesn't pass away yet. After he started getting healthier he started high school with his sister.

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  • Paralie Marquena

    A lot of people love a good reboot!  But it cannot be denied - Kyle is going to be out of his early 20s soon and the main trio is now in their 30s.  Teenage and young adult problems are no longer.  The following are episode blurbs/show premises/movie/life possibilities, putting the characters into their 30s, or I guess younger...I'm just going to do 30s...

    • Raven is going through a divorce and must obtain character witnesses.  Her old friends, Chelsea and Eddie she knows can attest, except they have not spoken for over 10 years.  Will they come through for her?
    • Raven, Chelsea and Eddie went for a cruise for their college graduation, but got marooned on a deserted island thanks to a mix of drunken schenanigans and mishaps and mechanical error.…
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  • Hannamarin7

    Hi! Everybody! I love That's So Raven. I'm new at this wiki, and i will do everything to help edit to it.

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  • WestsideCory

    I will make this wiki the greatest on earth.

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  • Flyna4eva

    Help out!

    January 29, 2012 by Flyna4eva

    Hello. I just wanted to create this page to tell users to come and join this wikia. Be involved & help out. Editing would be great use right now so please join!



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