I saw the future!

Booker Baxter
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Portrayed by Issac Ryan Brown

Booker Baxter (born: Booker Baxter-Carter) is Raven & Devon's son and Nia's twin brother.


He is an African-American middle school student who is currently in 6th grade as of season one and is best friends with Levi and he inherited visions such as seeing the future, telling when something bad is gonna happen. He inherited being phychic from his mother, Raven.


He is gullible, innocent, in no rush to grow up, and is an unapologetic mama's boy. He will not do something bad unless he is tricked into it, which is pretty easy to do, but will stand up for himself when he finally catches on to what is happening.

He is also shown to be money hungry like his uncle Cory.

He also has a big head which he constantly gets stuck in random things, for example:

  • A bucket
  • A dinosaur
  • A toilet... "What is wrong with him?"
  • A cotton candy machine
  • Admiral Snuggle's Head
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