Appearances and Portrayal
First appearance If I Only Had a Job
Last appearance If I Only Had a Job
No. of episodes 1
Portrayed by Patrick Richwood

Mr. Briggs was the manager of the restaurant where Victor Baxter worked during season 1.

Season 1

When Raven had a vision that Mr. Briggs was going to fire her father, she went to the restaurant to tell him that he was a great employee, which led to Mr. Briggs finding Raven annoying and Victor getting into an argument with him, and ultimately, Victor getting fired.

After seeing that Mr. Briggs was spineless around celebrities, Raven disguised herself as "Liz Anya", and Eddie and Chelsea were her entourage. Raven then demanded that Victor be rehired and Mr. Briggs almost did until Raven was uncovered.

Victor was not hired back, but Raven had a vision that he would start a restaurant of his own one day.


Season 1

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