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Campaign in the Neck
Air date February 7, 2003 USA

May 25, 2003 Canada

Written by Geoff Tarson
Beth Seriff
Directed by Sean McNamara
Previous Episode Smell of Victory
Next Episode Saving Psychic Raven

Campaign in the Neck was the seventh episode of the first season. It originally aired on Disney Channel on Febrary 7, 2003.


Chelsea feels that the school is falling apart and not up to code. With advice from Raven, she decides to run for school president. However, Raven has a vision of Chelsea losing by a landslide to Ben Sturky.

Raven sets about changing her vision by starting to do chores for people in return for voting for Chelsea, but when Chelsea finds out she is upset by the scheme.

Main Cast


Guest Cast


  • Rondell Sheridan (Victor Baxter) does not appear in this episode.
  • Second episode not to feature Victor Baxter
  • When Chelsea is going around the school and talking to the different people she's wearing yellow pants, yet when she appears in the cafeteria the same day she has on the plaid red pants instead of the yellow ones.
  • The episode title is a pun on the phrase Pain in the Neck.


Raven (to Chelsea): Think about it, Chels: you against Ben Sturky? Girl, you do the math. (has a vision of Chelsea losing against Ben) Actually, math wasn't my very best subject.
Cory: It's Chelsea!
Raven: What's she doing here?
Eddie: Well, maybe she's dropping off her laundry, I mean everyone else in the world is!
Raven: C'mon Eddie, you know how upset Chelsea gets when one person doesn't like her. This is 187 people not liking her!
Chelsea: I mean, I'm friendly, I'm loyal, I'm energetic... I just described a dog, didn't I?
(Chelsea is sitting on the stage waiting for the election to begin and Raven is sitting behind the curtain)
Raven (to Chelsea): Come on, Chels. You gotta talk to me sometime.
Chelsea: No, I don't go away!
Raven: I'll hit you.
Chelsea: You will not! (Raven punches her from behind the curtain) OW! (The students look at her, she smiles and goes behind the curtain)