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Character Statistics
Age Group: 15
Children: Jasmine (daughter,maybe)
Friends: Spanky (Ex-Boyfriend)

Chelsea Raven Eddie (Ex-Boyfriend) Martin

Production Info

Carly was a student at the Psychic Institute.

Season 1

Carly attended the volleyball game between Bayside and Jefferson where she saw Raven having a vision. She introduced herself and told her to drop by the institute any time.

Raven was getting tired of her normal life and went to the institute where Carly, Marvin, and Dr. Sleevemore tried to help her control her powers. Raven began to spend too much time with them as it became a problem with Eddie and Chelsea.

Raven got tired of her two sets of friends fighting over her and decided to go back to her normal friends and live with her powers as they were. Carly and others bid her farewell. Carly then read Eddie's mind and agreed to go out with him.

Powers and Abilities

As a psychic, Carly possesses the power of telekinesis and telepathy.


Season 1

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