Chef-Man and Raven is the twenty-first episode of the third season of Disney Channel's That's So Raven and the sixty-fourth episode overall. It aired on June 15, 2005.


Victor (aka: Chef-Man) is challenged to be on TV on a cooking show called "Captain Cook Off's Kitchen Challenge", which is Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie's favorite show. Leonard Stevenson (aka: Captain Cook-off) happens to be a former rival of Victor's. At first Victor is hesitant about doing the show, but Raven convinces him to try. During the competition, Leonard's daughter Julie (aka: Gourmet Girl) puts mushrooms in the Baxter's frying pan. Due to her allergy, Raven swells up, however she and her father win the competition.

Meanwhile, Tanya has bought Cory a new desk, and they have trouble moving it into his room. During the move, Cory's baggy trousers fall down, revealing his underwear, and making him incapable of walking. In the end, they work things out, and toss the desk over the stairwell.


  • Raven: Dad, What's wrong?
    Eddie: Yeah, you look like you saw a ghost.
    Victor: Worse, I saw a Leonard Stevenson.
    Chelsea: (screams)....What? It sounded scary.
  • Leonard: Victor Baxter.
    Victor: Leonard Stevenson.
    (scream from audience)
    Raven: Well, I guess Chels is here.
  • Leonard:This is my daughter, Julie.
    Victor: And this is my daughter, Raven.
    Julie:(steps up and crosses arms) Hello Raven!.
    Raven:(steps up and crosses arms) What up, Julie!


  • The episode reveals that Raven is allergic to mushrooms.

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