Dissin' Cousins
Air date April 11, 2003
Written by Susan Sherman
Directed by Richard Correll
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Raven's conceited and seemingly perfect cousin Andrea visits. Meanwhile, Cory sleeps with his parents, because he is afraid of "The Closet Door".


Raven's seemingly perfect cousin Andrea comes to visit from Paris for a week, who annoys Raven so much. Then Raven has a vision that Andrea will kiss Eddie (who has a big crush on Andrea). So she tries to get them to spend time together so Andrea can get off her back. Meanwhile, Cory starts to sleep with his parents because Victor jokes with him and says to beware of the closet which scare Cory.

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Raven (to Chelsea about her outfits): Okay, she's almost here. Which ones, these or these?
Chelsea: Rae, you always freak out every time your cousin Andrea comes in from Europe.
Raven: Girl, I am fine. I just need to know what hat says, you know, "Thanks for coming, but you need to go back to Paris."
Chelsea: Rae, she's only gonna be here for a little while.
Raven: Okay, I understand that, but does this belt say, "Just because we're relatives doesn't mean I have to like you?"
Raven (to Eddie): All right, boyfriend, tell me you love me.
Eddie: No!
Raven: Then say I look pretty.
Eddie: No!
Raven: Say something nice!
Eddie: Your cousin looks hot tonight!
Raven: So uh, Andrea, Andrea, is it? You remember Eddie and Chelsea, right?
Andrea: So, Chelsea, Cory tells me you two are dating?
Chelsea: What?!
Cory: We gotta share our love, baby!
Raven: (sarcastically) Oh, Andrea! I'm gonna miss that sense of humor when you go back. When is that exactly?
Raven (about Andrea): Look at her. She been like that all day and everybody thinks she's so cool just 'cuz she eats in Europe, shops in Europe, goes to school in Europe, drinks in Europe...
Chelsea: Okay, we get it, Rae. Europe thing. Not good.
Andrea (to Raven): You remember that pony I had?
Raven: Yeah...
Andrea: Made it up.
Raven: Well, you remember that soccer trophy I had?
Andrea: Uh huh.
Raven: Garage sale. $2.50.

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