Driving Miss Lazy
Air date April 21, 2006
Written by Michael Carrington
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
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Driving Miss Lazy was the seventh episode of the fourth season. It originally aired on Disney Channel on April 21, 2006.


Eddie finally gets his driver's license and he, Chelsea, and Raven pitch in to buy a car, but it turns out not to be what they expected. Eddie tells them that they can vote to where they will go on a two/thirds majority. While Eddie goes to buy Racing stripes for the car, Chelsea and Raven decorate it with pink fleeces and fruit. Raven and Chelsea abuse Eddie's two/thirds policy and get to go anywhere they want. When they are at a country store, Eddie leaves them and then gets arrested for being the Pink Bandit, a suspect in a rash of neighborhood robberies. Chelsea goes to help and then gets arrested, then Raven dresses as a lawyer and tries to help and also gets arrested. Finally, the real suspect is found and looks identical to Eddie (the suspect was a man impersonating a woman). Meanwhile, Stanley tricks Cory into buying a cologne that attracts dogs. Cory sprays all the cologne on Stanley.

Main Cast


Guest starring

  • Tim Reid as Sheriff Jefferson
  • Bobb'e J. Thompson as Stanley


  • Under California law, Eddie shouldn't have driven Raven and Chelsea around since he can't carry passengers under 20 for the first year with a provisional license.
  • When Raven is in the disguise, you can see her real hair.
  • The car Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie buy is a Volkswagen Type 181, although in the United States it is more commonly known as the Thing.
  • How did Raven and Chelsea get the car painted on the same day it was bought?
  • The numberplate on the front of the car is IE49965 but the numberplate on the back of the car is 4GWB922.
  • Eddie's license says he's 5'10". However, when he stands at the police line-up, he measures in at 5'6".
  • If Eddie took the car out for a spin and gets pulled over for speeding while the girls shop at the store, how do Chelsea and Raven get to the station? On foot? Unless there's a bus system way out in the country.
  • Since when is a criminal allowed to use a cell phone in jail?
  • The country scene while they were driving was clearly a green screen.
  • In Raven's vision, the car is blue. However, when they see it in reality, it is pink.
  • It is said that some on the fans didn't like this episode because of how Raven and Chelsea abuse the voting and make Eddie do things he didn't like.[citation needed]


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