Dues and Don'ts
Air date March 3, 2006
Written by Theresa Akana &

Stacee Comage

Directed by Rich Correll
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Next Episode Unhappy Medium
Dues and Don'ts was the third episode of the fourth season of That's so Raven. originally aired on Disney Channel on March 3, 2006


Raven has a vision that she will get an awesome office on her first day at work as an intern for Donna Cabonna (Anne-Marie Johnson), and she decides to brag about it. Muffy doubts Raven's words and Chelsea later invites Muffy, Señorita Rodriguez, and the entire Spanish class, much to Raven's dismay. Raven arrives at her first day of work and finds out her "private office" is actually Donna's office. When Raven's unexpected visitors threaten to ruin Donna's office Raven kicks them out, but not before knocking Donna's prized sculpture off-center. Donna returns and Raven tries to hide the tilted art from her. Tiffany unexpectedly "saves the day" by breaking the sculpture and therefore taking the heat from Donna.

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Raven (to Senorita Rodriguez): A piñata? You mean like, we have to hit that with a stick & have candy flying everywhere?
Senorita Rodriguez: Oh, everybody does candy. I took it to the next level: guacamole.
Raven: Why? Why? Why?
Muffy (to Senorita Rodriguez): Señorita, this cake is yummy. It's so gooey, moist and crumbly.
Raven: Oh, why it gotta be crumbly?


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