Five Finger Discount
5 Finger Discount
Air date December 3, 2004
Written by Dennis Rinsler
Directed by Richard Correll
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Five Finger Discount was the fifth episode of the third season. It originally aired on Disney Channel on December 3, 2004.


Cory gets sucked into a world of peer pressure after his friends (Cody Linley and Christopher Massey) encourage him to shoplift at a toy store. His guilt causes him to have nightmares. Raven has a vision of Cory getting stopped by a security guard for shoplifting again, and tries to prevent it — but, as usual, she must disguise herself — as a security guard — making the vision come true! In disguise, Raven is able to tell the real security guard that the other boys have been shoplifting, and Cory leaves his "friends".

Meanwhile, Raven; Chelsea; and Eddie win a "mystery prize" in a soda-can contest. The audience never discovers what this prize is, but clues are dropped, ending in the prize getting ruined — right before the audience sees it. Clues are: that Chelsea says "Our prize isn't allowed in the mall!", and Eddie saying "This one is!" Another one is Raven telling Eddie and Chelsea not to get it wet. Although never blatantly stated, "the prize" is most suggested to be a mechanical pet.




  • In the episode, Kyle Massey stars alongside his real-life brother, Christopher Massey. His brother played the character Jeremy.
  • When Tanya is studying for her exam, she is trying to figure out the Brookwell vs. McNamara case. David Brookwell and Sean McNamara are producers of the show.
  • The prize that the trio win from the soda can contest was never revealed in the episode. Many clues as to what they really won are mentioned, for example when Chelsea says that their prize isn't allowed in the mall, and when Raven states that they shouldn't get it wet. This leads the audience to think that the prize might be some type of electronic pet.
  • While watching, Raven quotes "Uh-uh, oh no, girl. I am not letting this vision come true," after seeing Cory getting caught for stealing. Raven actually makes her vision come true. Surprisingly, her vision has a twist where she says "Gotcha!" twice: in her vision, and in disguise.
  • Instead of getting in trouble or causing trouble, this time Raven prevents trouble. This is also the first time Raven isn't caught red-handed impersonating while in disguise.

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