Five Finger Discount
Air date December 3, 2004
Written by Dennis Rinsler
Directed by Richard Correll
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Five Finger Discount was the fifth episode of the third season. It originally aired on Disney Channel on December 3, 2004.


When Cory and his friends are at the mall, they show him to shoplift toys from the novelty store. Cory joins in with them and steals a monkey key-ring. Cory feels guilty, giving him nightmares, and becoming paranoid. Raven tells Cory she won't judge him if he tells her. He promises that he's not going to do it again, until she has a vision of him getting caught stealing by a security guard.

Raven decides to interfere by pretending to be a security guard. She accuses Cory of taking a watch. He was really trying to stop one of his friends from stealing, but none of them stand up for him. Raven then turns Cory's thieving friends over to the real security guard. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie have been drinking lots of soda in hope of winning a mystery prize from the company.



  • When Tanya is studying for her exam, she is trying to figure out the Brookwell vs. McNamara case. David Brookwell and Sean McNamara are producers of the show.
  • Kyle Massey stars alongside his real-life brother, Christopher Massey, who plays Jeremy.
  • The prize that Eddie, Chelsea, and Raven win from the soda can contest was never revealed in the episode. Many clues as to what they really won are mentioned, for example when Chelsea says that their prize isn't allowed in the mall, and when Raven states that

they shouldn't get it wet. This leads the audience to think that the prize might be some type of electronic pet.

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