Francesca is a one-time character who only appears once in "On Top of Old Oakey" She was one of the many girls who tr out for the lead singer for Cory and the Boys and during her tryouts her singing voice is terrible and while Larry and William couldn't stand her voice ,Cory became love struck and only heard that her voice was beautiful. As Larry called "NEXT" Cory had the final decision and had Francesca be in the band, manly because he said he's the leader of the band.

During one of their rehearsal as Francesca is sing "can you feel the love", Larry and William are disgusted on hearing her voice but Cory,who's in his love struck mode, only hear her singing lovely. After Francesca left, William and Larry revealed to have a hidden taping recorder and to Cory horror, it was revealed to be Francesca's real singing voice and William said that because Cory is love struck by her, he only hears what he wanted to hear.

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