Gomez the Goat was the official mascot of Jefferson High School and featured in the episode A Goat's Tale. Eddie Thomas stole Gomez from Jefferson after Jefferson stole their mascot every year in an attempt to defeat the opposing's football team. Chelsea Daniels feels sorry for it and takes Gomez from Eddie, believing Gomez deserved better treatment. This caused a rift between the two and Raven Baxter as the goat also ate her Boyz in Motion concert tickets. They chased Gomez around the house after Gomez ate some of the Baxter family's furniture before seeing that the goat was sick. Chelsea used her animal expertise and her friends help to nurse him back to health. Raven and Eddie miss their obligations to spend time with Chelsea and Gomez before they agree to send him to a farm, where Chelsea says he's liked by all the other goats.

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