He's Got the Power
Air date July 9, 2004 USA February 5, 2005 ABC

August 25, 2003 Canada

Written by Dava Savel
Directed by John Tracy
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Eddie gets psychic powers and brags about it which makes him popular and making Raven mad at him. Meanwhile, Cory gets hooked into this Crime Disco movie, "Undercover Disco Divas".


  • When the Baxters were watching Undercover Disco Divas, the woman with the red wig was called Coffe and the one with the blonde wig was called Cream. When Raven and Chelsea dressed up like them, it was the opposite.
  • Undercover Disco Divas was meant to be filmed in the '70s. Back then, it was against the law to show your belly button on television. Coffee and Cream show their belly buttons.
  • It seems odd that Corey wasn't punished for misbehaving in school and forbidden to attend 70s Night.
  • As the characters watch the TV in the Chill Grill, the news anchor mentions that "Pearman's Comet" can be seen that night for the first time in 100 years. Pearman is Raven-Symone's last name.
  • Raven breaks the fourth wall in this episode when Eddie’s entourage comments he should have his own show and Raven says that’s a ridiculous thought and asks “who would watch a show about a teenage psychic?” and Chelsea agrees with Raven and then Raven looks at the camera with a grin on her face and a raised eyebrow
  • When Raven, Chelsea, Sonny, Eddie, Tanya & Victor are all in the Chill Grill together, Tanya reveals that Sonny's real name is actually Sanford in which after Tanya says his real name, Sonny replies that his name is Sonny now. These names can be a reference to the older TV show Sanford and Son.



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Raven (while she & Chelsea are in disguise): We are two foxy mamas you just don't want to mess with! Get down, get down!
Sonny (to Raven & Chelsea): Wait a second, what kind of cops are you? (reads their badges) Captain Toasy's official marshmallow inspector.
Chelsea: Hey, man! It is a tough job, ok. You ever tried hand cuffing a marshmallow? It's really hard, they get really sticky then the ring around it just gets so messed up...
Raven (about Eddie): I've tried calling him and every time, he's not there and now even his mom's getting a little attitude in the problem.
Chelsea (to Chelsea): Rae, you know when you don't wanna tell everyone you're psychic because you thought they were gonna call you a freak or something?
Raven: Yeah?
Chelsea: Well, I don't know.. I mean, look at Eddie. Apparently, people like freaks.
Catina: Eddie, you should have your own show.
Crowd: Yeah!
Eddie: Would y'all watch that?!
Raven: Now that is just ridiculous!
Chelsea: Yeah, I know!
Raven: I mean, who would watch a show about a teen psychic? (looks into the camera & smirks)
Raven: Eddie, can I speak to you?
Eddie: Actually, I'm with my people here.
Raven: Oh! Hi, people... (whispers to Eddie) Get your psychic little butt over there.
Eddie: But...
Raven: Get it over there!

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