Psychics Wanted

Appearances and Portrayal
First appearance Psychics Wanted
Last appearance Psychics Wanted
No. of episodes 1
Portrayed by Kyle Gibson
Jonathan Kwizzowski, better known as Kwizz, was a student at Bayside High School. He was known for his love of jazz.

Season 1

Raven developed a crush on Kwizz at first sight, but couldn't get a word in edgewise because he was always playing his saxophone. Raven decided to get tickets to a jazz show to get his attention, but it required a job, so she got one as a call-in psychic.

After the original Madame Cassandra quit, Raven took her place on screen as Miss Talula where Kwizz called in for information about his jazz scholarship. Raven used her power to convince Kwizz to go to her house as she would be his good luck charm.

Kwizz did as he was told, but brought along his girlfriend Lisa. Raven was heartbroken and gave the jazz tickets to Kwizz and Lisa.

Kwizz called the psychic hotline again and Raven was given the opportunity to make Kwizz break up with Lisa, but decided against it and told him to hang up so he wouldn't waste any more money. She revealed that she was Miss Talula, but Kwizz had already hung up.


Season 1

Raven's previous love interest:
Ricky Rodriguez
Raven's next love interest:
Devon Carter
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