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Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Mother: Barbara
Pets: Larry(Turtle)
Friends: Cory
Nemesis: The Juicer
Employment: Guitar Player of Cory and the Boys
Production Info
Portrayed by: David Henrie
First Appearance: Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
Last Appearance: Where There's Smoke

Larry was one of Cory Baxter's best friends and the lead guitarist for Cory and the Boys.

Season 2

In Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind, when Cory told everyone that he could read animal minds, William told Larry about it. Larry then came to Cory with his pet turtle Larry; Cory suggested a name change, and Larry agreed, deciding to change it to his brother’s name.

In The Lying Game, since Raven and Cory had contradictory statements about what happened that day in Mrs. Applebaum’s class, Chelsea called Larry in for questioning. At first, Larry had the hood of his sweatshirt covering his head, but Cory was able to recognize him anyway; when Larry asked how Cory was able to tell it was him, Cory replied that Larry had been wearing the same sweatshirt for two weeks.

He explained what really happened, which was that everything was an accident instead of the Baxter children blaming each other for Mrs. Applebaum’s broken portrait and Cory’s ripped shirt.

In the spin-off Cory in the House, Larry was mentioned by Cory, who already the news of him already found dead by The Juicer. However, the Juicer explained that his thermos actually contained green tea.


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