Loretta Baxter
Appearances and Portrayal
First appearance Leave It to Diva
Last appearance Leave It to Diva
No. of episodes 1
Portrayed by Judyann Elder

Loretta Baxter was the grandmother to Raven and Cory Baxter and mother to Victor Baxter. She disliked Tanya's mother Viv for being a psychic until realizing Raven was one.


Loretta taught Victor how to cook professionally, which he explains in earlier episodes. Her family originally comes from the country, shown through the episodes Country Cousins. Aunty Faith, is either her sister or sister-in-law, and her family appears to resent Raven's family, even commenting on her father's big house, showing a strong difference between Loretta's upper-class style and theirs. It's also shown to carry on to Raven who shows constant interest in shopping for the "finer" things.

Season 2

Loretta came to visit the Baxter family with hopes that Raven would join the junior chapter of the White Glove Society. Raven was suffering from a psychic cold and could read her mind.

Raven tried to convince her parents to tell her that she was psychic, but it never seemed to be the right time. Raven had a vision that the Society Tea Party would end in chaos, which would up happening because of Cory's rat Lionel. Loretta was told the truth about Raven's abilities.

Season 2

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