Appearances and Portrayal
First appearance Driven to Insanity
Last appearance Hizzouse Party
No. of episodes 1
Portrayed by Stacy Meadows

Matthew was one of Raven Baxter's date.


Raven met Matthew at the video store and lied about her age so he would ask her out. Victor and Tanya were against it, but Raven managed to sneak behind them and she and Matthew went to a restaurant.

The date went well at first, but Matthew suddenly began acting childish and to make matters worse, Raven's parents came into the restaurant. Raven tried to leave, but was found out by Tanya, who made her punishment finishing the date with the childlike Matthew. Tanya later changed her mind after realizing that she never listens to Raven and agreed to take her home.


  • He has a little sister that goes to Raven's school.
Raven's previous love interest:
Raven's next love interest:
Ricky Rodriguez
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