Mr. Grozowtski
Appearances and Portrayal
First appearance Out of Control
Last appearance The Lying Game
No. of episodes 2
Portrayed by Stuart Pankin

Mr. Grozowtski was one of Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea's teachers at Bayside High School. He was clumsy, and often forgot things.

Season 2

In Out Of Control, he accidentally misplaced the students’ book reports, which he was supposed to have graded.

In The Lying Game, he accidentally lost the original career test scores and made up the results. Raven became a teacher, Eddie became a sofa salesman, and Chelsea became a police officer. When Raven said the results were ridiculous, Mr. Grozowtski replied that he thought the tests were very accurate. He even revealed that he had taken one himself when he was in high school. When Eddie asked if it said Mr. Grozowtski should be a teacher, Mr. Grozowtski replied that it said he should be a swimsuit model.

Later, Mr. Grozowtski found the original test scores; Raven was a fashion designer, Eddie was a musician, and Chelsea was an environmental biologist.


Season 2

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