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Mr. Lawler was an English teacher and the first named principal for Bayside High School. He also has a habit of spitting when he talks, which gets worse as he tends to overuse words starting with P.

By Raven Baxter's sophomore year, Mr. Lawler had become principal. Raven had a vision that Mr. Lawler was going to give out uniforms and accidentally gave him the idea to do it. Lawler sent Raven, Alana, Muffy, and Loca to detention for breaking the new dress code.

In retaliation, Alana and her crew planned to melt a piece of rotten cheese in the vents and frame Eddie and Chelsea. Raven managed to stop them and Mr. Lawler gave Alana and her crew more detention. He is replaced as principal by Mr. Stuckerman


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Bayside High School principal:
Bayside High School principal:
Harry S. Stuckerman