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Ms. DePaulo
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Ms. DePaulo was a teacher at Bayside High School.

Before Season 1

Ms. DePaulo was married, but divorce her husband some time before Raven Baxter's freshman year. She used his bowling trophy which she won in the divorce settlement as the trophy for the talent show.

Season 1

Ms. DePaulo assigned partners for the group science project, causing Raven having to be paired up with Ben Sturky. Raven complained and just as Ms. DePaulo was about to switch parters, Raven had a vision of getting an A with Ben and withdrew her complaint.

Later, Ms. DePaulo organized the school opera and put Eddie in charge. When Eddie couldn't decide whether to give the final spot to Raven or Chelsea, he gave it to both, something Ms. DePaulo felt would be interesting to see how it played out.

Season 2

By Raven Baxter's sophomore year, Ms. DePaulo took Mr. Lawler's position of English teacher as he became principal. She announced to the class about the fashion contest, and later showed Raven that her picture in the magazine had been photo-shopped.


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