Nadine Carter
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Portrayed by Jordan Molesey

Nadine "Deebi" Carter is the bratty younger sister of Devon Carter. Nadine is jealous of Raven because she doesn't want to share Devon with her.

Season 2

In order to get a date with Devon Carter, Raven had to take her little brother Cory because Devon was bringing Nadine to Pizza Pals.

Nadine was immediately hostile towards Raven and Cory, but Devon didn't seem to notice. Nadine's instantly jealous of Raven after she shares a kiss with Devon and agreed to work with Cory to make Raven's life miserable.

During Devon and Nadine's father's wedding, it was implied that Nadine continued to harass Raven, although it was never seen. She hassled Raven until the day she and Devon moved to Seattle. It's unknown what happened to Devon and Nadine's biological mother.


Season 2

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