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Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 2007 (age 11-15)
Brothers: Booker Baxter (younger twin brother)
Mother: Raven Baxter
Father: Devon Carter
Grandparents: Tanya Baxter (Maternal Grandmother)

Victor Baxter (Maternal Grandfather)

Uncles: Cory Baxter
Aunts: Nadine Carter
Friends: Tess O'Malley (Best friend)
Production Info
First Appearance: Baxter's Back! (Raven's Home)
Last Appearance: So You Think You Can Drive (Raven's Home)

Nia Baxter (born: Nia Baxter-Carter) is Raven & Devon's daughter and Booker's twin sister.


She is an African-American girl who goes to the same school as her brother and Levi Grayson looks up to being a 8th grader someday and has a secret crush on this secret character who's revealed name is, Isaiah Gary Perez Jordan. She is a nice sweet little girl who denies her mom's choices sometimes and currently attends 6th grade (middle school) and is best friend to Tess.


Raven's bold and confident daughter who frequently finds herself in over her head. She's well-intentioned and won't give up when she sets her mind to something even if it gets her into trouble, and always wants to help people and do what is right. She just started middle school and is great at science while average in other subject.