Out of Control
Air date October 3, 2003
Written by Sarah Jane Cunningham
Suzie V. Freeman
Directed by Gerren Keith
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Out of Control is the first episode of the second season of That's So Raven. It originally aired on Disney Channel on October 3, 2003.


The Baxters are all excited about the opening of Victor’s restaurant, “The Chill Grill”. Raven thinks that The Chill Grill is going to be a hangout for the kids at her school, so she starts telling her family how to make the place cool. Raven is trying to get the attention of Devon as well, and tells Chelsea and Eddie that she’s going to need their help, but they tell her they have other plans. Raven’s not used to getting blown off by her friends, and when she has a vision of Eddie and Chelsea about to kiss, she gets worried. Victor tells Raven she should ask them about what she saw, but they tell her that nothing’s going on.

Raven doesn’t believe them, and her suspicions are confirmed when they are passing notes in class organizing to meet at Chelsea’s house that afternoon. We find out that Eddie and Chelsea are only meeting because they are practicing a dance routine for the Chill Grill opening. However, when Raven comes to their house masquerading as a plumber, she is still in the dark about what is going on between them, because when she drills a hole through the bathroom wall she sees what happened in her vision. At the restaurant opening, Raven learns that Eddie and Chelsea aren’t dating. They were only rehearsing for their dance number. After they do their dance, they apologize to Raven for keeping it a secret, and Raven apologizes for being so bossy and controlling.



  • Devon's favorite food is the egg roll, as revealed in the episode.
  • When Raven has the vision, her hand is on her chin, when it cuts to a different view her hand is on the table, but when the camera zooms out of her eye, her hand is back on her chin.
  • When Chelsea is writing the note to Eddie, you can see that it is already folded.
  • When Raven is reading the note in class, it ends with Chelsea saying "I'll be there," but Mr. Brizowski took the note before Chelsea could write a response.
  • When Raven takes the trash can to her seat, the bag is falling down into the trash can, but when she arrives at her seat, the bag is around the edge.
  • Starting this episode Raven's hair is dyed brown.
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