Psychics Wanted
Air date August 22, 2003
Written by Maria Espada
Directed by Sean McNamara
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Raven is broke and decides to get a job at a cheesy fake psychic hotline, along with Chelsea and Eddie. She tries to use the advantages of her job to ask out the boy she likes. Meanwhile, Tanya and Victor try to take money from Cory's room, but they don't succeed.


Raven falls for a cute boy who likes jazz. In order to impress him, she gets a job at a phony psychic hotline to gain enough money to buy tickets to a jazz festival. But when she is promoted to the star of the show, she abuses her powers in order to trick the boy into liking her. Elsewhere, Tanya and Victor attempt to steal money from Cory's room.



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Chelsea (to Raven): Now you can use your powers to make the world a better place (hugs a reluctant Raven) You're kinda bringing down the hug here, Rae.
Cory (to Raven): You can always come to me for money.
Raven: But you always turn me down.
Cory: And it never gets old!
Raven: It's all right here in me crystal ball. Ooh and so is the Lincoln Memorial!
Chelsea (to Raven): Don't you think it's weird using your powers like that?
Raven: Hey, I'm just doing what you said. Making the world a better place. One guy at a time, child.
Chelsea: Wait, I see a name coming. It starts with an A...Or maybe it was a B?...C?...D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K...J, J, J!


  • The street sign outside the house says "Ashbury" but Raven says that her street is called "Miranda Place" to Kwizz over the phone.
  • When Victor and Tanya try to break into Cory's safe, Tanya suggests that Victor tries Cory's birth date as the code. The number that Victor puts in, however, is 12458, which would have meant that Cory was born on the 24th of January in 1958.
  • When the 3 are looking at newspaper ads and they talk about the one about the Psychic Wanted, Raven says that no one but the 3 of them and her family know about her "gift". This is not true, in an earlier episode she was "scouted" by another teen with telekinesis and she went to a place where she met several others with "gifts". They would all know about her secret.
  • Raven has two visions about the same person in this episode.

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