Rodney Rivers
Appearances and Portrayal
First appearance The Dating Shame
Last appearance The Dating Shame
No. of episodes 1
Portrayed by Roger Lodge

Rodney Rivers was the host of the reality dating show TermiDate.

Season 2

Rodney chose Raven and Chelsea to vie for the affection of Chad along with two other girls named Crystal and Claudia. After the latter two girls were eliminated, Rodney decided to make the show more interesting.

By editing the good things Raven and Chelsea said about each other, it appeared they were insulting each other. The plan worked until his short-time assistant Eddie Thomas aired to original tapes. Chelsea and Raven made up while hanging over a tar pit. Rodney told the crew to "zap them" just to trick them into falling into the pit. The girls pulled Rodney in as well.


Season 2

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