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Written by Chip Keyes
Directed by Matthew Diamond
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Raven's mother wants to spend quality time with her at the movies but Raven's more interested in spending time with Eddie's friend Ricky Rodriguez. Meanwhile, Cory and Victor has to see a G-rated movie, which turns out to be boring.

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Cory (to Raven): I need to use your bathroom.
Raven: Um, what's wrong with the one downstairs?
Cory: Dad just used that one.
Raven: Say no more!
Victor: (to Cory while leaving the movie) Okay, clouds are not made of cotton candy, bunnies do not talk and trees do not hug you when you're sad. These are lies we shouldn't be teaching to our children! You think your mom will buy it?
Cory: Not a chance.
Raven (to Raven): I just had the best vision!
Eddie: Ooh, did it involve me and Halle Berry?
Raven: No, I see things that are actually going to happen.

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