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Saving Psychic Raven
Air date February 21, 2003 USA September 20, 2003 ABC Series Premiere

July 6, 2003 Canada

Written by Michael Feldman
Jeff Abugov
Directed by Sean McNamara
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Saving Psychic Raven is the eighth episode of Season 1 of That's So Raven. It originally aired on Disney Channel on February 21, 2003.


The volleyball team wants to win for the first time in 27 years. However, Raven has a vision of Chelsea breaking a nail and costs the team the championship. Raven then feels isolated and sets out to meet other supernatural teens.

However, her decision causes some tension between her, Eddie, and Chelsea. Meanwhile, Cory searches for a mate for his pet rat, Lionel.


Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • This is the only episode where Raven has a "vibe", rather than a vision.
  • When Sparky burns the marshmallow, you can see where the stick holding it splits at the bottom. And that a cord that lit the flame was attached to it.
  • When Raven was being lifted up at the end, You could see she was being lifted by strings, and you could see the string belt she was attactched to when she turned her back to the camera.
  • The title is an allusion of the Steven Speilberg film, “Saving Private Ryan”.
  • This is the first episode where Raven is not seen talking to her parents.


(Raven was about to ring the doorbell, but Marvin opened the door before she could)
Raven: Hi, I'm looking for the...
Marvin: This is it.
Raven: Okay, well, the reason I'm here is...
Marvin: I know, I know... volleyball game. You had a vision, screwed up, everybody's mad at you blah-blah-blah.
Raven: Did you just read my mind?
Marvin: Oh, well, I...
Carly: Marvin, don't freak her out. I told him the whole story.
Marvin: Got you!
Carly: Marvin's a second-degree telepath and a first-degree pain in the butt.
Marvin: That's why I love it here. In school, I'm just a pain in the butt.
Carly: You'll learn to ignore him. Come on, I'll show you around.
(They walk in the room and Raven gasps')
Raven: Ooh, y'all's electric bill must be ridiculous!
Chelsea: Ow! I broke a nail!
Raven: Pinky?
Chelsea: You know what, I don't even care!
Marvin: (reads Chelsea's mind) Yes, you do.
Raven (as she is floating in the air): Who turned off the gravity?
Carly (about Raven): She belongs with us.
Eddie: She belongs with us.
Raven: I belong on the ground.