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The first season of That's So Raven aired on Disney Channel from January 17, 2003 to March 5, 2004. The season introduces the Baxter family, Raven (Raven-Symoné), Cory (Kyle Massey), Tanya (T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh), and Victor Baxter (Rondell Sheridan) as they manage with Raven and her ability to see into the future. Orlando Brown and Anneliese van der Pol co-star as Raven's best friends, Eddie Thomas and Chelsea Daniels.

Guest stars for this season included: Rose Abdoo, Angell Conwell, Brian George, Joshua Harto, Amy Hill, Steven Anthony Lawrence, Jenifer Lewis, Wesley Mann, Niecy Nash, Ernie Sabella, Brenda Song, and Kirsten Storms.

The series' original pilot episode was filmed on April 12, 2001 and was picked up in August.[citation needed] The rest of season was filmed from November 9, 2001 to June 2002.[citation needed] All episodes were filmed at Sunset Gower Studios.[citation needed]


The show is set in San Francisco and revolves around a teenager named Raven Baxter, played by Raven-Symoné, and how she gets herself, her friends Eddie and Chelsea, and her family members, such as her brother Cory, out of various situations, usually by using her psychic powers and a variety of disguises.

List of Episodes

Season 1 (2003) Astral Media Family Channel Canada March 1, 2003 and July 13, 2003

American TV Version Canadian TV Version Title Directed by Written by Airdate

USA and Canada

Production Code
1 2 "Mother Dearest" Lee Shallat-Chemel Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes January 17, 2003

October 18, 2003 ABC March 2, 2003

Raven's big mouth earns her a parent-teacher conference after school.
2 9 "Party Animal" Rich Correll Dava Savel January 17, 2003

October 11, 2003 ABC April 20, 2003

Raven worries her constant bickering with Cory will ruin their relationship.
3 7 "Test of Friendship" Rich Correll Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes January 17, 2003

October 4, 2003 ABC April 6, 2003

Raven gets a vision that Eddie is going to fail his midterm and get kicked off the basketball team.
4 19 "Wake Up Victor" Ken Ceizler Susan Sherman & Edward C. Evans January 17, 2003

June 29, 2003

Victor learns that a local TV show wants him for a segment, and Raven tries to calm his nerves.
5 21 "A Fish Called Raven" Fred Savage Dava Savel & Carla Banks Waddles January 24, 2003

July 13, 2003 Season FInale

After joining the school paper, Raven and Chelsea find themselves against veteran reporter Serena.
6 1 "Smell of Victory" Lee Shallat-Chemel Laura Perkins-Brittain January 31, 2003

February 7, 2004 ABC March 1, 2003

Series Premiere

A vision shows Raven's science partner to be a foul smelling student.
7 14 "Campaign in the Neck" Sean McNamara Beth Seriff & Geoff Tarson February 7, 2003

May 25, 2003

Raven convinces Chelsea to run for student council president, then has a vision of her losing badly!
8 20 "Saving Psychic Raven" Sean McNamara Michael Feldman & Jeff Abugov February 21, 2003

September 20, 2003 ABC Series Premiere July 6, 2003

Raven bonds with a new group of kids who are psychic like herself, but ends up caught in the middle.
9 16 "The Parties" Rich Correll Jeff Abugov & Michael Feldman February 28, 2003

June 8, 2003

Raven passes out invitations for her first big party to everyone at school.
10 13 "Ye Olde Dating Game" Matthew Diamond Michael Feldman March 28, 2003

October 25, 2003 ABC May 18, 2003

Raven gets a vision that a cute boy will ask her to be his girlfriend at the school's costume dance.
11 8 "Dissin' Cousins" Rich Correll Susan Sherman April 11, 2003

April 13, 2003

Raven's rich and snooty cousin Andrea comes to visit, leading to a fight between the two girls.
12 11 "Teach Your Children Well" Tony Singletary Beth Seriff & Geoff Tarson May 2, 2003

May 8, 2004 ABC May 4, 2003

Tanya is hired as a substitute teacher for Raven's English class.
13 4 "Driven to Insanity" Matthew Diamond Dava Savel May 30, 2003

March 16, 2003

Raven disobeys her parents by going on a dinner date with an older boy.
14 3 "A Dog by Any Other Name" Gerren Keith Michael Poryes & Susan Sherman June 20, 2003

February 28, 2004 ABC March 9, 2003

Chelsea has a crush on a boy named Sam, but she has a hard time keeping a straight face around him because he has the same name as her dog. Raven and Chelsea try to solve the problem by going undercover disguised as boys in gym class in order to brand Sam with a nickname.
15 6 "Saturday Afternoon Fever" Matthew Diamond Chip Keyes July 11, 2003

March 30, 2003

Raven makes an excuse to get out of spending "quality time" with her mom
16 18 "A Fight at the Opera" David Kendall Beth Seriff & Geoff Tarson August 8, 2003

September 27, 2003 ABC June 22, 2003

Raven and Chelsea decide to enter Mrs. DePaulo's annual Festival of the Classical Arts.
17 17 "Psychics Wanted" Sean McNamara Maria Espada August 22, 2003

May 22, 2004 ABC Season Finale June 15, 2003

Low on funds and hoping to charm a cute sax player with tickets to a jazz concert, Raven gets a job working for "Miss Cassandra's" psychic hotline. Surprised to discover that the whole set-up is a fraud, Chelsea and Eddie hire on, and Raven soon finds herself in the hostess seat as the hotline's spokeswoman, Miss Tallulah. When her crush phones the hotline for advice, Raven finds herself in a position to manipulate him in her direction with her visions. Meanwhile, Tanya and Victor get caught by Cory's elaborate security system when trying to borrow money for pizza.
18 10 "If I Only Had a Job" Rich Correll Laura Perkins-Brittain & Carla Banks Waddles September 12, 2003

April 27, 2003

Raven has a vision of Victor getting fired by his new boss, so she goes down to the restaurant to prevent the vision from coming true. When that fails, she comes back disguised as a famous pop star and throws a loud tantrum in the restaurant, complaining about the poor quality of the food since Victor left.
19 5 "Escape Claus" Matthew Diamond Carla Banks Waddles December 5, 2003

December 6, 2003 ABC March 23, 2003

Raven gets a vision that she will receive a beautiful necklace for Christmas!
20 15 "Separation Anxiety" Rich Correll Dava Savel & Carla Banks Waddle December 19, 2003

February 21, 2004 ABC June 1, 2003

When Raven has a vision that her parents are splitting up, she recruits Eddie and Chelsea to help.
21 12 "To See or Not to See" Rich Correll Carla Banks Waddles March 5, 2004

May 1, 2004 ABC May 12, 2003

Raven causes Eddie and Chelsea great embarrassment when she tells them about her abnormal visions.