Serena Valentine
Appearances and Portrayal
First appearance A Fish Called Raven
Last appearance A Fish Called Raven
No. of episodes 1
Portrayed by Spencer Redford

Serena Valentine is a bossy know-it-all a reporter for the school newspaper at Bayside High School.

Season 1

Raven and Serena had a rivalry on who could get the head page story, which went to Raven after she had a vision of a skydiving clown crashing through the window. Serena became suspicious and found Raven's article about Eddie's game winning basketball shot that hadn't yet occurred. If Eddie made that shot, Serena would have the proof she needed to oust Raven as a psychic.

Raven pleaded with Eddie to miss the shot so Serena would be proven false, but Eddie saw it as too much of a boost in poularity to give up. Eddie was primed to make the game winning shot, but passed it to the coach's nerdy son, who made the final shot. Eddie told Raven that he'd have other chances to make the game winning shot and that he was willing to sacrifice to keep her secret about being psychic.

Serena was angry that she wasted the last few days on a wild goose chase, but refused to completely rule out the possibility.


Season 1

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