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Appearances and Portrayal
First appearance Stark Raven Mad
Last appearance Opportunity Shocks
No. of episodes 2
Portrayed by Juliette Goglia

Sierra is Raven's next door neighbour who is a little innocent girl and is very good at driving Raven insane. She loves singing opera and spending time with Raven as she thinks Raven is considered her best friend. Sierra is considered annoying by Raven as she never stops bugging her as shown in the episode 'Stark Raven Mad'. In 'Opportunity Shocks', Raven tries to get rid of her by getting her to play with Raven's another annoying friend, Stanley.


Sierra is small wears many coloured shirts and is somewhere at 10 to 13 of age, she ties her hair in pigtails.

Casting Episodes

Stark Raven Mad

Raven (in unfortune) met Sierra when she hit her in the face with her ball she went over to apologize and began a friendship bond with her, over some days her hanging out became an irratint thing, her joyful nature also ruined Ravens chances with Jaylen a cute boy on the football team, when the two went to a body museum Raven found Sierra within the stomach piece, In a moment of extreme friendship and savouir Raven enters the piece to rescue her but Sierra already made it out through a different way, she then watches Raven being pelted by food alongside Jaylen, after awhile she returns to raven to see if shes not mad but they make up and leave the museum sing some opera.

Opportunity Shocks

After Raven was uprubtly woken up by an energetic Sierra, she tricks her into hide and seek and after being run out of her own home, Raven and her friends come up with an idea to get Stanley to fall in love with Sierra but that backfires at the Chill Grill when Sierra sneaks into the restaurant and ruins Raven's dress. After that, Stanley and Sierra soon fall in love.

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