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Smell of Victory
Air date January 31, 2003 USA

February 7, 2004 ABC March 1, 2003 Canada

Written by Laura Perkins Brittain
Directed by Lee Shallat-Chemel
Previous Episode A Fish Called Raven
Next Episode Campaign in the Neck

Smell of Victory is the sixth episode of Season 1 of That's So Raven. It originally aired on Disney Channel on January 31, 2003.


Raven becomes annoyed when her assigned partner, Ben Sturky, for a project in science class because Ben is concerned more with studying than with his own hygiene. Ben has a very bad body odor, which is why a lot of people at Bayside call him "Stinky Sturky".

While at the school carnival, Raven realizes that even though he smells, he is still a person. Meanwhile, Eddie attempts to win the heart of his latest crush, Crystal, while having a huge zit on his chin.


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  • This is the second episode where Chelsea Daniels (Anneliese van der Pol) is absent.
  • It is very clear that there is no zit on Eddie's face.
  • When Crystal is wiping the mustard off Eddie, you can tell she wiped in the middle of his chin on purpose, because the mustard stain is on the side of his chin.
  • While in the cafeteria, Raven gives brownies to six people, but when she asks for them back, at least ten brownies are thrown at her.
  • Victor says "There's nothing good like an outdoor barbeque", however they are inside the school gym.
  • When Eddie enters their living room he has the collar on his sweater pulled over his zit. When he goes into their kitchen with the face mask, he's wearing a t-shirt with no collar.


Raven: 28 minutes and 19 seconds; that's how long me and my nose have been in there. The good news — we finished the project. The bad news — we have to burn the couch.

Ms. DePaulo: You will each be assigned a partner.
Raven: Partners? Do you really think that would be a fair evaluation of our individual contributions to the world of science? I'm just sayin'.
Ms. DePaulo: Yes, I do and I'm just sayin'.

Eddie: (about Ben) Doesn’t that guy ever take a shower? Man, I got second-hand stink here!
Raven: Try having him in science. And you know my brother’s hamster smells better, and it died two weeks ago.
Eddie: (gasps) Cuddles died?
Raven: Yeah, he died the same way he lived — on the wheel.

Eddie: (while wearing a face mask) I can't move my face!
Victor: That's because you're only suppose to put it on the pimple.
Eddie: Just so you know, I'm giving you a really dirty look right now!