Spa Day Afternoon
Air date May 21, 2004
Written by Dava Savel
Directed by Carl Lauten
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Tanya wants Raven to go the Spa with her, she refuses, until she has a vision of her favorite singer Maisha is going to be there. Meanwhile, Victor has Chelsea, Eddie and Cory try out his Mother's "Pickled Artichoke Mash Potatoes".


Raven and her mother spend a day at a health spa, but all Raven really wants to do is meet her favorite singer, Maisha. Things go from bad to worse when Maisha's dog jumps into Raven's bag, and Miesha thinks Raven "dog-napped" it and Raven is grounded and trouble by her mother Tanya for accidentally steals one of Maisha's dog named Truffles.



Guest Starring


Raven (about Maisha): Mom, she's early! I thought divas were always late!
Eddie: Mr. B. is a great cook but that dish is just evil.
Chelsea: What are we gonna do? We can't tell him. It would just hurt his feelings.
Cory: He's my dad, I should tell him.
[Victor returns from the kitchen]
Victor: Okay, who's ready for some potatoes?
Cory: They are! (points at Eddie and Chelsea)
Chelsea (to Eddie): You know what, he's right. We better go dump this down the sink.
Eddie: The sink, Chels. You are such a genius.
Chelsea: Really, because you know I don't get that a lot.
Tanya (to Raven & Chelsea): You girls ever think about maybe turning off the music and enjoying some peace and quiet?
Raven and Chelsea: No.
Tanya: (to Raven) Well, if you change your mind, maybe you and I can spend a nice weekend relaxing and meditating at the Silent Gardens Health Spa. Doesn't that sound fun?
Raven: Uh, Mom, I don't think fun means what you think it means.
Tanya: Well, I'm going this weekend, so if you change your mind... (leaves the room)
Raven: Not gonna happen.

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