Taken to the Cleaners
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Air date November 19, 2004
Written by Micheal Feldman
Directed by Richard Correll
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Taken to the Cleaners is the fourth episode of the third season of That's So Raven. The episode aired on November 19, 2004.


Raven and Chelsea's plans for an all day movie marathon are ruined. Raven accidentally gives Tanya's professor a letter he wasn't supposed to see. It was an angry letter insulting the absent-minded professor. Raven then has a vision that he hasn't read the letter yet and he's going to give his jacket to the Dry Cleaners with the letter still in the pocket. Meanwhile, Stanley hustles everybody out of their stuff in Ping-Pong. Stanley gets Cory's video games, Eddie's chain and shoes, and Victor's trophy. He played everyone but Chelsea at first. Chelsea then plays Stanley, and she wins all of the things back from Stanley.


  • Chelsea: (watching the scary movie) I'm scared, Rae!
  • Raven: Chels, please. This movie is not scary.
  • Tanya: RAVEN!
  • Raven: Now, that's scary!

(Raven and Tanya walk into the cleaners and Macy Gray's character, Rhonda, sees them) Macy Gray's Character, Rhonda: Well, lookie here. Boy, you heal fast.

(Chelsea and Stanley finish their game of table tennis)

  • Victor: Wow Chelsea, where did you learn to play like that?
  • Chelsea: Well, Vegetarian Camp was in China.


  • Macy Gray guest stars as a Dry Cleaner employee.
  • Second appearance of Stanley
  • Chelsea talks about Vegetarian Camp was in China. This must mean that Chelsea has been to China before however, this hasn't been mentioned in other episodes. Chelsea has spoken about Vegetarian Camp in other episodes but not in China.
  • The professor keeps calling Tonya by other names during the episode as a running gag.

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