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Written by Marc Warren
Directed by Eric Sean Seaton
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The Big Buzz is the 9th episode of the third season. Season of That's So Raven.


It is time for the awards at Bayside High School and every year someone wins Best Dressed category and Raven comes in second place. This year Raven guarantees that she is going to win Best Dressed with the help of the school counselor, Ms. Romano.


Tayna reminds Victor of their big day on Saturday, but Victor secrely doesn't know what the big day is. So Victors pays Cory to ask Tayna what the Saturday is, but she tells him to ask Victor. Victor buys a gift for Tayna and plans to give it her on the big day. He hids the gift in the breadbox but Tayna finds it and it is revealed the big day is just their polishing the floors. Tayna thinks she's forgetting something and buys Victor as gift.


Guest Starring

Trivia and production notes

  • Raven says she doesn't know there was a veggie channel, but when she turns on the TV, it is already on the veggie channel, as if she was watching it before.

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