The Grill Next Door is the 25th episode of Season 3 of That's So Raven. The episode aired on July 8, 2005.

Plot Summary

Raven attempts to stop her vision of the Chill Grill going out of business from coming true after her dad’s rival, Leonard Stevenson, opens a new restaurant next door.


Victor is adding jerk chicken to the menu when Raven comes in and says that a new restaurant has just opened. Victor says that The Chill Grill can handle a little competition until he finds out that the new restaurant is owned by his college cooking rival, Leonard Stevenson. Leonard tells him that he named the restaurant The Hill Grill (which happens to be a ripoff to The Chill Grill). Victor assures himself that he can handle the competition until Raven has a vision that the Chill Grill will go out of business.

At home, Raven, Chelsea and Eddie think about how they can help The Chill Grill when they hear Cory's band playing. They decide that Cory’s band can play at The Chill Grill and bring all the customers back. They also find out that the reason why The Hill Grill is getting so much business is because of Stanley. They manage to convince Stanley to play at The Chill Grill, but Stanley says he’ll only do it if Cory changes the name of his band, Cory and the Boys to Stanley and get a date with Raven.

Later, at The Chill Grill, Chelsea and Eddie do a magic trick, and Raven gets chained to Stanley (who gave Raven a charm bracelet and chained handcuffs on her, saying that she is his charm) and is forced to perform a duet with Stanley.

By the end of the day, The Hill Grill is put out of business — and Victor turns off the lights, with the Chill Grill still in business.


Victor Baxter: Hey kids, check it out. I’m adding something new to the menu: jerk chicken.
Chelsea Daniels: You’re gonna eat the chicken and call it names?
Victor Baxter: Chelsea, it’s Jamaican.
Chelsea Daniels: Well, I don’t care what ya makin’. It’s still rude.
Victor Baxter: Sorry, chicken.

Stanley: Hey, sweet thing!
Raven: Don’t you knock?
Stanley: Knock, knock. Okay, baby, here’s the plan — a moonlit boat ride around the bay... a romantic dinner on a pier... then a little slow dancin’ for dessert.
Raven: Okay, you little nasty, here’s my plan. We’re going to take a bus ride down to the Chill Grill, you gonna order a burger from the kiddie menu and there is definitely no dessert!
Stanley: That didn’t sound like much of a date.
Chelsea: Yeah, Rae. His plan was much more romantic.

Episode Connections

  • In this episode, Chelsea doesn’t scream when the name “Leonard Stevenson” was said — a reaction that was expected because of having done so in Chef-Man and Raven. It is possible that she had gotten over it.
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