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Air date February 4, 2005
Written by Michael Carrington
Directed by Christopher B. Pearman
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True Colors was the tenth episode of the third season. It originally aired on Disney Channel on February 4, 2005.


Raven and Chelsea want to apply for a job at Sassy's. Raven does very well on her interview. Chelsea, though, is terrible at it. However, Chelsea gets the job. Raven cannot imagine why she didn't get the job, but then has a vision of Chloe, the store manager, saying that she does not hire black people.

Raven tells her parents about it, but feels that there is nothing that she can do. With her parents' encouragement, Raven, Chelsea and Eddie devise a plan. They enlist the help of a local television reporter to reveal the manager's discriminatory policies. Chelsea reports to work with a hidden camera in her hat. A disguised Raven and Eddie help her record the evidence that they need, and the store manager is later exposed in a television report and fired.

Meanwhile, Cory learns the contributions of African Americans in life, and gets the inspiration he needs to write a report about a famous African American for Black History Month. He reveals that he picked Sam Jackson, the inventor of modern ice cream.



  • This episode garnered attention for dealing with the subject of racial discrimination.
  • The episode title is based off a song by Cyndi Lauper. Ironically, Lauper guest starred in Art Breaker.
  • Frederick Douglass said Harriet Tubman invented the Underground Railroad, but she didn't.
  • When the manager tells Chelsea that she doesn't hire black people, she's looking right at us meaning she was looking at the camera, which is in Chelsea's hat. Her eyes should be looking a bit below us, where Chelsea's eyes would be.
  • Raven-Symone's dad, Christopher B. Pearman, directed the episode.
  • This episode was aired during Black History Month.


Raven: Even if they did believe me, it wouldn’t matter. I’m only one person. I can’t change the world.
Victor: Rae, if Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. had that same attitude, we’d still be sitting in the back of the bus.

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