A lot of people love a good reboot!  But it cannot be denied - Kyle is going to be out of his early 20s soon and the main trio is now in their 30s.  Teenage and young adult problems are no longer.  The following are episode blurbs/show premises/movie/life possibilities, putting the characters into their 30s, or I guess younger...I'm just going to do 30s...

  • Raven is going through a divorce and must obtain character witnesses.  Her old friends, Chelsea and Eddie she knows can attest, except they have not spoken for over 10 years.  Will they come through for her?
  • Raven, Chelsea and Eddie went for a cruise for their college graduation, but got marooned on a deserted island thanks to a mix of drunken schenanigans and mishaps and mechanical error.  They have repopulated in the last 7-9 years, and now have 12 little ones running on the island.  When they are suddenly found and rescued, they must make the decision whether or not they want to stay on the island they now call their home.
  • Raven has not had luck in the child department, her psychic ability having drained her reproductive system. Her boyfriend leaves her and she decides then she's 30 and going to adopt a child.  Her lifelong friends Eddie and Chelsea help her raise the child.
  • Raven's powers were found out one night when she was drunk in college and she talked to the wrong person.  Kidnapped at age 20, years later she now is confined to a mansion where she gives visions to a 60-year-old heir and her 29 year old daughter and her leacherous  When she is spotted by her brother's wife making a delivery, a daring, cross-country rescue attempt is made.  Will Raven be rescued, or will Cory and the family and friends need to accept she's gone?
  • Sonny has it in for Eddie for his botched vision, and Eddie must enter the Witness Protection in his last weeks of high school.  Having to have his death faked, Chelsea and Raven mourn him deeply.  When he shows his face, Sonny having been killed in a gang-related event, Raven and Chelsea aren't sure how to react when Eddie shows up in their lives again.
  • Raven has gotten on the blacklist for incorrect visions when it comes to U.S. security.  Is 8th time charm when she envisions a devastating Anthrax and multi-bomb attack on the entire state of California?  And can she juggle her family life along with everything going on?
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