Vivian "Viv" is Raven's psychic grandmother and Tanya's mother.

While Tanya and Victor are away for their third honeymoon in Jamaica, Vivian is responsible for looking after Raven and Cory.

During her stay, Viv and Cory are playing with lightsabers until Raven and Chelsea come home from school. Shocked by her energetic behavior, she asks Raven if that really is her grandmother, offending Viv, who only likes being called by first-name basis. She then pranks Cory with "dinner", which is really a fake skull, causing Cory to vow to prank her back. Raven introduces Viv to Chelsea, explaining that she has a date later on. Viv then goes into her purse, to hand Chelsea a dress, which she thinks would look better. The trio then head to Raven's room to help Chelsea get dressed, and Viv recalls Raven's strange expressions, when having visions, embarrassing Raven. Cory then enters the room, intending to prank Viv by placing a whoopi cushion on a stool, but Viv sees this coming, and tricks him into sitting on there instead.

The next night, Raven and Viv are camping out in the living room while roasting marshmallows, and Viv, notices Raven's downward demeanour. Raven confesses that she hates her visions, as they make her feel isolated and a freak. Viv, understanding how she feels, shows empathy towards Raven, and how the visions put her in a lose-lose situation. This prompts Raven to realise that her grandmother is also a psychic. She showcases her ability by telling Raven that Cory is attempting to prank them with water balloons, as they speak. She explains to Raven that her powers are a gift, and despite the troubles they may cause with her friends, they're still her friends, and won't go away. She then tells Raven if she ever needs to talk, she can always call her.

She is later mentioned by Raven in "Don't Have a Cow". Raven receives a vision in which Chelsea accidentally eats a hamburger, leading Raven and Chelsea to go through Viv's old trunk, where they see all the supernatural possessions she owns (e.g. tarot cards and a book of potions, spells and incantations).