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Wake Up, Victor
Air date January 17, 2003

June 29, 2003

Written by Susan Sherman
Edward C. Evans
Directed by Ken Ceizler
Previous Episode Test of Friendship
Next Episode A Fish Called Raven

Wake Up, Victor was the fourth episode of the first season. It originally aired on Disney Channel on January 17, 2003.


Victor gets to be on the television show "Hello, San Francisco". Raven has a vision that everything is going to go wrong. Cory and his friend, Miles Bonay, try to hypnotize Chelsea and Raven to like them. However, they accidentally hypnotize Victor into going to sleep. Cory does not know how to wake him up. If they do not wake him up, his career is over.

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  • This was the first and only time that Raven faked a vision.
  • When Raven tells Victor to tell her friends his catchphrase, you see she forgets her line for a second.
  • Steven Anthony Lawrence, Jody Howard, and J.D. Hall co-starred on "Even Stevens". They were later reunited for "That's So Raven".


Eddie (to Cory & Miles): Man, what are you two wearing?
Miles: My grandpa showed us how the players dress in Florida.
Eddie: Looks like your grandpa played you!
Victor: Yo, yo, yo! V. Baxter's in the hiz-house!
Raven (to Cory): Okay, what are you looking at?
Cory: Nothing, but now I am. Hello, Chelsea baby!
Chelsea: Okay, Cory, you're ten; I'm fifteen.
Raven: Which means she's old enough to be grossed out by you. (to Miles) And who are you?
Miles: Pleased to meet you. I'm Miles Bonet.
Raven: Well, aren't you the cutest little thing! I'm Raven.
Cory: He just moved here from Florida.
Raven: And if you go back, can you please take my little brother with you?
Chelsea: Raven, can we go now 'cause Cory's starting to get those driplets of drool. It's really gross.
Tanya: Okay, let's not panic.
Chelsea: Can't we just panic a little?
Tanya: Okay, two seconds.
Raven, Chelsea, and Tanya: Scream
Cory (after Victor is hypnotized): What's the wake-up word? Oakotobe, chokatobee, Obi Wan Kenobi.
Eddie (as Victor slides down the stairs on an ironing board while he's hypnotized): Yo that's tight. Hey I call next.